Ministry Transition

Ministry Transition = Change

Have You Seen This Sign?

Do the signs seem to be pointing you towards a change? Have you been too busy with ministry to have a transition plan in place? Perhaps circumstances are forcing a change that you did not anticipate?

We may be surprised, but God is never surprised! Hold on and look for His direction and next steps.

As a minister and coach, I’ve been there and done that more than once. Definitely I realize the value of someone standing with me in that time of life.

May I stand with you in your transition?

 The Process of Ministry Transition:

  • We start with a free 30 minute session to determine if we want to work together and to check our fit.
  • Step 2, with prayer and an ear to the Holy Spirit we begin the process with a quick assessment and gaining insight into your ministry and career goals. During our first ministry transition coaching session we’ll start working on hearing God’s long term objective for you in this time of transition. Finding out where we are in the transition cycle helps to guide our steps forward.
  • Step 3: Prayerfully we will continue to explore options, solutions and directions with guidance from Scripture and counsel of trusted believers as appropriate.

    Ministry Transition Prayer Time

    What is God Saying About Your Ministry Transition?

  • Time suggestion: Generally speaking coaches have found that three months of sessions allows time to drill down to a start of a good plan and directions, but some ministry transitions will require more. The decision to proceed or stop is always yours.

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