Group and Team Coaching

Group and Team Coaching

Groups and Teams Working Together for the Lord!


Individuals are not the only ones to experience life and work transitions. Churches, ministries, and businesses also have cycles of change and transition. Transitions often impact staff emotionally and lower effectiveness. Taking preemptive action can decrease downtime and inefficiency.


Churches, Ministries and Businesses also experience sweeping changes caused by:

  • splits
  • mergers
  • new buildings or locations
  • competition
  • additional services or time change
  • new leadership and new vision for ministry
  • staff additions or layoffs

Group Coaching: A Possible Solution To Transition Woes

In transition times like these, group coaching may assist leaders by increasing group or team morale and effectiveness. Taking time to setp out of the daily routine and listen to staff concerns and suggestions can bring creativity and positive change to bear.  With an aim to find mutual agreement and move ahead with energy great ministry results in effectiveness and efficiency.

Restoration of positive team dynamics and unified staff with common goals and objectives are positive outcomes of group coaching.

In some cases, a specific group or team could benefit by rethinking its purpose, policies and procedures.

An example of this in a church is the desire to improve an outdated missions program. Finding ways to engage more church members in active outreach and support of programs can be a complex challenge. Coaching around programs like Your FOCUS on the WORLD can help bring new enthusiasm to the team. This would result in development of a viable plan of action to improve on old ways of doing things. Kelly is a trained FOCUS facilitator and veteran missionary who is ready to help you!

If your church, ministry or business would like to discuss a custom group coaching program, please use our Contact page to send and email or call our office. We’d be happy to hear how we might serve you in doing the work God has called you to do more efficiently.