Career Transition

Career Transitions

Where is my career?

 Are you:

  • Wondering how to make the right career choices?
  • Wanting to pursue your passion?
  • Working in the wrong spot?
  • Trying to find the career path God created you to fulfill?

Could you use help sorting out the options? Would having a trusted partner aid you in taking the steps to propel you into the Career F.I.T.™ that you were created to fill?

Finding the right direction in career transitions is challenging.

Years when I was still a headhunter, I met a former minister of music who had left the ministry. He had become a very successful regional sales manager with a major office products firm. As we discussed his major career transition, he shocked me with his reason for leaving a successful ministry position. He told me that he had come from a family with a long history of pastoral ministry. Everyone expected that all the children would follow in that same career path. But he said something that sticks with me to this very day…

God didn’t call me to ministry, my family and friends did! It did not fit me, even though I was very successful in a large church pastored by a major national preacher.

A key to successful job search is finding the direction God created you to go. Learning to hear from the Holy Spirit and getting godly counsel and confirmation of your direction will be a blessing to you and your family.

If you would like to explore the possibilities and options, the best next step is to register for a free 30 minute introductory session using the link in the upper right of this page. In that time, we can discuss how coaching may assist you in finding the direction God has for you in your career. It would be my pleasure to hear from you!