Assessments Measure You

Assessments Measure How God Created You!

 Assessments: Tools to Help Find How God Created You!

An important step in finding direction for your future is identifying your God-given abilities, skills, style or type, personal values, and interests. Assessments provide valuable insight in all these areas. The assessment process will help you confirm things you’ve sensed in the past.  Assessments also provide information that previously was in your blind spot. All too often, however, once the assessment is completed it is filed away and little change takes place. You are welcome to order and take the tests without coaching if you are a do it your self person.

As your coach, I assist you by clarifying the results and helping you make application of the assessment reports so you can maximize personal effectiveness and get the results you are seeking. Assessments are included in the coaching packages as noted on the Transition Pages.

Transition Time Coach offers a variety of assessments to assist you in assessing your abilities, skills, personality, spiritual gifts and interests:

Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT)


Career Driver Assessment