Transition Time Coach offers a variety of services and products to help you plot your course…


Stop rolling the dice!


Stop rolling the dice or guessing your future career direction! Looking for answers in the wrong places adds confusion and weakens confidence.  Assessments to help you determine where you fit and to guide in your future career choices. Assessments can be done separately or combined with coaching.

Transition Time Coach currently offers:

  • Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT) is a process to help you explore your God-given unique blend of personality, strengths, leadership skills, spiritual gifts, values and passions and put them into action in your life and work. Be the person you were created to be!
  • TRAC Assessment provides lifetime access to a means to take a snapshot of how you are in the areas of Trajectory, Replenishment, Awareness and Choices. A simple, quick and easy way to assess your spiritual condition at a point in time. It may help you avoid issues of: life direction and values, self-care and renewal, self-definition and identity, decision-making and trust.
  • YouScience is a great tool for learning more about yourself and how your profile matches with a variety of careers and industries to help define your job search target or educational goals.
  • Career Driver Assessment and online resources help you plan your search efforts
  • Transitions are what I do… Coaching helps you apply assessment input, prepare strategic plans and take positive action!
    • Career Transitions — changing careers, career development, job search, considering options
    • Ministry Transitions — Our special calling is helping fellow ministers and those that want to enter ministry hear God and line up choices with His directions. Missionaries, Pastors and church staffers caught up in unexpected changes are especially welcome to contact us.