Definition of Clergatory:  : noun \ˈklər-jə-tȯr-ē \   State of temporary confusion, frustration, suffering, disappointment and or misery between where you are currently and the perfect job God has for you.

Clergatory is in between

Lookin’ for a way out?

You probably are in Clergatory if you find yourself on this list:

  • Anyone who:
          • senses a season of life and ministry is ending and something new is ahead. It is not clear what, when, where or even how to begin the next season.
          • has a vocational ministry call that they have not yet begun (even Jonah’s relatives?)
          • is close to burnout, weary, and losing your passion and desire to do the ministry.
  • Missionaries who:
    • lack adequate support
    • have been denied a visa or access to country of their call
    • survived a team meltdown
    • have family and health situations requiring them to return home
    • completed their term and don’t plan to return to the field
    • feel trapped in the wrong role or location
    • have a call but don’t know where to start
  • Pastors and ministers who:
    • are caught in church or ministry financial cutbacks
    • served as interim leaders but are being replaced
    • sense they are in the wrong position or location
    • have family or health situations that have interfered with full-time ministry
    • retired but wish they had not done so
    • accepted a denominational or other leadership role that doesn’t fit any longer
    • are considering returning to a 9 to 5 career
    • are caught in pulpit supply limbo and need full-time ministry and income
    • have completed a restoration process and want to find a place of service
    • new Bible college and seminary grads without a call to a church or ministry
  • Ministry leadership, administrative and other professional staff who:
    • fell victim to church and ministry mergers that result in staff reductions
    • know it is time to move on in your career
    • need more income
    • seek a better career growth path

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