Feel Like a Dried out Rubber Band?

I don’t know about you, but I often feel very close to God when I step into my shower. I joke with my Sunday School class and refer to it as my Holy of Holies where I pull back the curtain and step into God’s presence. This morning was one of those times.

Lately there has been a magnetic pull on my spirit as I have researched, read and wrestled with the urgent sense of the need to get back to disciple-making. In my spirit I sense that God is creating a wave of His people that are gathering momentum, digging into His Word and growing in understanding and desire to break out of our comfort zone and just do it!

Often in my holy of holies images or thoughts float into my consciousness from my spirit. Today I was thinking about how much the wrestling with myself as been stretching me. Like overworked and infrequently used muscles, there are parts of my spirit that are experiencing the pain of being stretched outside the norm. As I chewed a bit on that thought, an image of a dried up rubber band passed through my thoughts. Ouch! Who has not put a rubber band around a bunch of letters, business cards or some other do-dads and come back later to find a broken and dried up rubber band.

Rubber Band

Dried up and Broken?

Over the course of years of packing and moving, I have found the remains of hundreds of them, sometimes shriveled up and semi-melted into the plastic of some other object. These victims of a hostile environment brought a smile to my face as I got the message the Lord was sending me.

All too often we get busy with life and neglect to exercise properly. We allow parts of our spiritual development to become comfortable and unstretched. If it goes on for too long, and we are not applying the oil of the Holy Spirit and Word to those areas, we dry up. When a time of stretching comes along, we may be so dry that we experience pain, but sometimes it breaks us. OUCH! Either way…

So the message to me today was, don’t neglect to stretch and exercise myself. Allow God’s Word and Spirit to draw me into those divine opportunities that are not necessarily planned out and controlled by me! I need to do some stretching so I don’t pop and let my Lord down at the critical moments when called into action. And yes, disciple-making is one of those long neglected areas in my life… lots of oil and stretching going on in that area right now.

In the North American churches there seems to be a growing movement toward basic discipleship. It is a welcome shift but one that will stretch us all.


What’s God saying to you and your church?

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