Small Moves for Big Career Results

One of my earliest essays in junior high school was entitled Radio Astronomers Have Big Ears!  I still have a copy of it in my memories box after all the years. As a brand new ham radio operator at age 12, I loved electronics and amateur radio is still my hobby after over 50 years. So it is no surprise that I am a fan of science fiction and one of my all-time favorite movies is Contact starring Jodie Foster.

Small Moves

CQ CQ Anybody hear me?

One of my favorite scenes is the young character, Ellie attempting to make a contact over a ham radio by calling CQ CQ. She had limited success until her father advised her with the words, “Small moves Ellie, small moves.” As a ham, I understood this fatherly advice immediately. In tuning a radio it is very easy to turn the dial too fast and miss a contact, especially if the signal is a bit weak or slow in transmitting.

Small moves is not bad advice for the job seeker either! Often frustration and anxiety take over our emotions in the midst of a career transition. This is especially true when it is a surprise or unplanned transition. Sometimes this creates strong urgency feelings that may result in ill-timed and unproductive actions. When in the midst of a stressful transition it may not be helpful to expend energy just to relieve some of the emotions that begin to surface.

Making small moves in career transitions could play out as simply as:

  • setting realistic daily activity goals
  • not striking out unprepared for interviews
  • defining clear career objectives
  • understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • knowing your transferable skills
  • learning how employers think when hiring
  • strengthening your network and support base
  • researching career options online and via your network
Small Moves Make A Ant Home

If Ants Can Do It, So Can You!

Making contacts is best done using small moves. Indonesians have a saying, “Sedikit demi sedikit, lama lama jadi bukit.” Little by little in time becomes a hill.

Just as ants and termites can pile up grains of sand and soil into quite large structures over time, the small moves of a well prepared job seeker can create a mound of opportunity.

Remember, God is with you in your transition!

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