A Matter of Priorities

Seems like almost every day lately has started off with deep thoughts about what items on the long list of to-do projects to tackle first. Today, I found myself distracted by the thought that I had forgotten something. Somehow that is happening more frequently these days, but this was different. As I struggled to recall what it was I had forgotten a thought began to emerge from the head-full of projects and things that needed attention.

It was like God was reminding me of HIS priorities…

Ouch! So often I find myself driven by earthly thinking and desires without even realizing it. Habits can be like that, can’t they? So with this not so subtle, but loving reminder I decided to ask the Lord what HE wanted me to do. Guess the lesson for job seekers is that it will be all too easy to let earthly pressure, habits and thinking drive the search for that new career. But as believers we really must resist our natural tendencies and move into supernatural or spiritual mode. Shift over to listening to God’s priorities for you and I assure you, the job thing will begin to fall into place.

Early in my career as a headhunter, I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. In a straight commission industry, it is challenging to get started and most who start do not succeed. A church-goer, but not necessarily a Christ follower at the time, I had one US dollar in my pocket. The canteen vending machine had hot dogs for $1 but something told me to save my dollar. A couple days later that last dollar went with me to church and I put it into the offering. As I did, my thought was it would do more good in the offering than the $1 hot dog would have done for me. Even without understanding the Biblical principle behind that thought, it worked. My business began to take off and I have always remembered the lesson I learned,  that it pays off to do things God’s way. It would take a few more lessons for me to fully embrace my faith, but as I look back I can see how God nudged me along the way.

When you are facing decisions, choices and pressures of life. Take a breath, find some quiet place and ask God what HE wants you to do next. Bet He will begin to show you!

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