Are You a Double Switcher?

After serving many years in ministry whether overseas or here at home, you may find yourself in the position of being a double switcher!  In the midst of your transition you decide God is leading you to change both your role and career field or industry. For some, this only adds to the confusion and challenge of finding a job in a market where employers are slow to hire and screening candidates tightly.

So what is a double switcher to do?

  • Seek confirmation of your direction through prayer and godly counsel while researching and exploring your desired new career field and role

    Knife Switch


  • Study and practice how to translate your ministry experience in the jargon and style that is used by the new career field
  • Prepare your resume to highlight your experience that parallels the new role
  • Network, network, network–this is the most practical and effective method to a job in today’s market
    • Use your existing source group–supporters, church members, family, school friends, neighbors, friends
    • Be sure to equip them to help find openings
      • Create a networking guide which spells out your desired role and industry target to leave with your network contacts
      • Find ways to stay in touch with them — email, twitter, text messages, phone
    • Search for local networking groups to find support and continue building your network
  • Use Google Alerts to help find news and information about your target industry and role
  • Consider whether you may need to use a bridge job as a means of increasing your experience and knowledge of the new industry you have targeted

Above all, stay hooked up with your support group and find a coach that can stand with you as you take positive steps toward your new position. 😉

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