Transitions: They Call It a Valley, but It Feels Like a Cliff

This morning as I was doing my daily walk and talk with the Lord,  I sensed Him giving me a thought of what I felt as I walked through some of my own career and life transitions. Here’s a glimpse that I want to share with you…


Caution Cliff Ahead!

They say the experience of going through a major life or career transition is a valley, but it felt like a cliff to me.

I have never been very comfortable with heights. If forced, I can tolerate them, but really would rather pass on the opportunity when possible. Where there is a guardrail present at the high place, I am able to go right up to the edge and look straight down with only a tiny bit of tingling in the pit of my stomach. But when there is no guardrail it is a very different story. I don’t want to risk getting close to that edge and I seriously prefer to be well back and enjoy the view from a safe distance. While it helps to have friends standing with you, it pays to know that those friends won’t push you too close to the edge where it feels unsafe. You need friends that are patient and understand your need to be cautious and desire to help rather than push.

Career and life transitions, especially major ones, require us to take a leap of faith because there is often no guardrail. Sudden change forces us right up to the edge of the cliff. There at the edge we cannot help but look down and feel the world we know start to spin.

As a coach, I’ll be your guardrail. Together we will find a pace that fits you, and we will approach that cliff with a goal of figuring out how to get to the other side of the valley, to that place called There.

It is your life and your agenda; as your coach I’m alongside to help you consider and choose the options that will take advantage of your strengths, temperament and abilities. God has a plan for you, and together we’ll seek it out and with HIS help, do it. It feels real good once you get There…

Where are you in the journey of transition? Wanna talk about it?

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