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Uncover Your Identity

Learn more about yourself. Discover hidden motivators, strengths, gifts, calling, values and passions. Learn how to share that understanding with co-workers, friends and family.

Choose Your Direction

Build a strategic plan to get where you can be at your best. Explore your fit by function, interests, industry, essential values and priorities, fulfillment, identity and personal type.

Win Your New Role

Work your plan and penetrate the hidden job market. Connect with the hiring decision makers. Set goals and become accountable for doing the serious work of career transitions.

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Transition Phases

There are typically 4 phases of career or life transitions that are commonly experienced. We help you take next steps!


Marked by: Confusion, plateaued growth, hurt, struggle to hear God, questions about "fit", and conflict.
God begins doing a needed work.


Marked By: Isolation, questions, challenges, deeper life processing, checks of obedience, integrity, word and divine contacts.
God Does A Deeper Work


Marked by: True struggle, life-crisis, pride, past sin dysfunctions, indecision
God begins doing a holy, refining work.


Marked by: New paradigms, divine contacts, faith challenge, new role, surrender
God begins doing a needed work.

adapted with permission: Stuck! By Dr. Terry Walling